About Us

Who We Are

Human Trafficking Collaborative.il is a faith-based network of laity and women religious in Illinois who work to end the heinous crime of human trafficking.  Raising awareness with the public is vital in recognizing this crime in neighborhoods, schools, employment, etc.  We do this through presentations to all age groups and organizations, working toward systemic change, engaging in advocacy at the federal and state level and assisting survivors when requested.   Membership is open to individuals who desire to have some knowledge of human trafficking and desire to be an active participant in creating change to end this crime.



Our Vision and Mission

The VISION of the Human Trafficking Collaborative is to live in a world where the evils of Human Trafficking are exposed and where every person is valued and has a right to thrive.

The Mission of the Human Trafficking Collaborative is to raise public awareness about Human Trafficking and to motivate, to educate and to advocate for systemic change to become a part of the solution to end this evil.